Kortingsbon hanumat

kortingsbon hanumat

Atharva-veda are called Angirasas, and the descendants of Angiras were specially charged with the protec tion of sacrifices performed in accordance with the Atharva-yeda. Sons of Krishna and RukminL charu-datta. Sometimes he is a son of Brahma. It has been printed at Bombay and Benares. This story of Puru's assuming Yayati's decrepitude is first told in the YAY)fTI-yonj. The cow of plenty belonging to the sageVasish- tfha, said to have heen born of Surabhi, the cow of plenty that was produced at the churning of the ocean. Notwithstanding triple marriage and maternity, Madhavi, by a special boon, remained a virgin. A Brahmana of the :Black Yajur-veda. This is accounted for by his having "been a Brahman in a former birth, and cursed to this vile occupation for having wounded a Brahman when hunting. He is guaxdian of all quadrupeds.

According to the Maha-bharata it was dried up by the curse of the sage Utathya (q.v.). DEV.-matrl ' Mother of the gods.'.An appellation of Aditi (q. 119 gave himself up to meditation on Vishnu.

In the PUra12aS he is said to be the son of Kasyapa and K adru, and according to some authorities he was incarnate in Bala-rama. General Cunningham places it about 27 miles north of Patna. See Narada PuTamu B5/haspati. An ancient work in slokas by the sage Saunaka, which enumerates and describes the deity or deities to which each hymn and verse of the.Rig-veda is addressed.

KalanjarIDevI, 392 sanskrit index. Kapi-prabhu ) Kapi-ratha J Kapweya Kapila. Indra retired baffled, and afterwards did homage to de online drogist kortingscode januari 2019 Knslma. A certain Yidya-dham satjbha. 'The terrible/ Names of Siva and his wife Devi.

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